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MBBS Abroad Consultants in Delhi – Your Guidance

Due to fierce competition and a limited number of seats, many aspiring Indian medical students try their luck at foreign universities. India boasts a large group of NEET-qualified medical aspirants, exceeding 14 lakhs, while the available medical seats are around 88,000. This intense competition leads to hefty fees in private colleges, often exceeding lakhs per year.

List of Countries Offering MBBS for Indian Students –

  1. China – The universities in China are globally recognized, and an MBBS degree from China is accepted in India. English is the primary medium of teaching in many Chinese medical universities offering MBBS programs. This makes it easy for international students who may not be proficient in Chinese. Also, Chinese medical universities provide huge clinical exposure to students. This includes practical hospital experience, allowing students to implement theoretical knowledge in real-life medical settings.
  2. https://eoclindia.com/mbbs-in-russia/Russia – To study MBBS in Russia, there are basic requirements to be met. Candidates must have passed Class 12 with a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as major subjects to be eligible to study MBBS in Russia. Apart from this, students must have a valid NEET score to study medicine in Russia.
  3. Philippines – The Philippines is now getting popular among students planning to study MBBS abroad. The MBBS in the Philippines is called BS-MD, which is divided into two parts – Bachelor of Surgery (BS) and Doctor of Medicine (MD).
  4. Kyrgyzstan – Kyrgyzstan is popular for its MBBS degree programs. It is also known for being one of the safest countries regarding crime rates, making it an ideal location for students to pursue their medical education without worries. International medical organizations like WHO and UNESCO acknowledge the MBBS degree programs offered by Kyrgyzstan, further validating the quality of education provided by the country.

Factors to Consider While Choosing MBBS Abroad Consultants in Delhi –

  1. Expertise – Find an experienced consultancy firm that has a team of professionals with expertise in MBBS programs abroad.
  2. Guidance – Make sure that the agency provides comprehensive guidance to students during the entire procedure of applying for a course, accommodation, visa, and other requirements.
  3. Cost – Compare the cost of services provided by different agencies and enquire about special packages.
  4. Reputation – Study the reviews and ratings of the agency to understand the quality of services they provide.

Top MBBS Abroad Consultants in Delhi –

  1. EOCL India – Education Orbit Counselling and Link is an education agency. It collaborates with the world’s best universities. The agency provides complete guidance regarding MBBS fees in foreign countries and supports students throughout their studies. The consultants offer personalized assistance to make sure that students find the right opportunities to study MBBS abroad. Most people trust EOCL India, the best MBBS abroad consultants in Delhi for your MBBS journey. EOCL India provides complete assistance to the students who join us.
  2. Global Medical Foundation – The Global Medical Foundation has sent more than 1000 students to study MBBS in Russia, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines. They provide assistance in getting the best university and country to fit the budget. GM Foundation provides admission and visa assistance free of charge to countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, New Zea, land, and Canada. The consultancy provides foreign currency from the Government of India’s approved merchants.
  3. Nix Study Abroad – They have the knowledge and experience necessary to give students accurate and current information on the world’s best medical universities.
  4. Axis Institutes – Axis Institute provides various opportunities to learners. They help students choose suitable institutions based on personal career aspirations for a student. Axis Institute assists candidates in submitting all required documents as well as ensuring that they are accurate and comprehensive. The agency provides pre-admission language sessions meant to assist students gain the required linguistic abilities for effective inclusion in academic activities. It offers orientation programs that help students enter into a new climate.
  5. Pacific Educational Consultants – They provide full assistance and guidance in cases where students need to apply for some educational loan. Pacific Educational Consultants assist students in getting the fees transferred to the University from India. They also support students in getting currency exchanged in Delhi for payment at their destination. Students can connect with them anytime during their entire tenure of the MBBS course directly at their foreign offices for any sort of issues they experience.

In this article, we discussed in detail about the current trend of MBBS students who want to study in foreign countries, the reasons for the growing demand among students, countries offering MBBS courses, factors to consider while choosing a consultancy firm and the popular MBBS abroad consultants in Delhi. There are various MBBS abroad consultants in Delhi like EOCL India, Global Medical Foundation, Nix Study Abroad, and many more. The students should choose a consultancy firm wisely, based on their expertise and the benefits they offer to students.

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