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MBBS abroad for Indian students may be the best option. With the aid of a full-stack we are the best MBBS abroad consultants in Delhi, India we can assist you in obtaining MBBS Admission in Abroad to the top medical schools overseas and guarantee that your academic and professional objectives are realized. We offer best consultancy for mbbs abroad with right direction on the entire MBBS Admission in Abroad procedure and help with things like lodging and visa requests.

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Top Overseas MBBS Overseas Consultants in Delhi, Pune and Jaipur

Education Orbit Counselling Link is more than just an education agency, we are leading as the best mbbs abroad consultants in Delhi, India; we closely collaborate with the world's top universities. We have great MBBS study abroad consultancy which have been helping medical students for years. Kutaisi University, Caucasus International University (CIU) - LLC, Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad, North Kazakhstan State University, Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy, IIia State University, Crimea Federal University, Bashkir State Medical University, Altai State Medical University, Ovidius University of Constanta, and International Medical School are among the esteemed institutions we work with to facilitate opportunities for studying MBBS abroad. As the best mbbs abroad consultants in Delhi, we provide comprehensive guidance on MBBS abroad fees and support students throughout their study abroad journey. We also specialize in MBBS admission abroad, particularly for Indian students, offering tailored mbbs consultancy in India to ensure a smooth transition into studying MBBS in abroad.

TOP Countries To Choose MBSS Abroad!

EOCL India is one of the best mbbs abroad consultants in Delhi, India, specializing in abroad MBBS admission programs. As expert MBBS abroad consultants, we facilitate seamless transitions for students seeking to study MBBS abroad. Our Mbbs abroad consultancy services cover everything from advising on MBBS abroad fees to guiding students through the study abroad process.We're committed to making study MBBS in abroad dreams a reality. Our study MBBS overseas consultants provide personalized assistance to ensure that students find the right opportunities to study MBBS abroad. Whether it's navigating the application process or understanding the intricacies of studying MBBS abroad, our Mbbs abroad consultancy team is dedicated to supporting students every step of the way. Trust EOCL India, the top study abroad consultants in India, for your MBBS abroad journey.

Get advice from the professionals mbbs abroad consultants who will help you achieve your goals.

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Education Immigration Counseling

Being in the business for nearly a decade, we at Eocl India provide guidance to each and every student individually as per his/her eligibility & overall profile.

Dream College Application

After the selection of the course, country and the university, we help in filling the application for the selected course through our team of trained individuals, with extreme.

Posting Handling Services

We are here to give you end to end solutions and getting your travel and studies easy by giving you all the services you need in one roof.

After Arrival Services

Apart from Visa & Air Ticket assistance, we at eocl India provide complete assistance to the students joined through us.

MBBS Companion

It is feasible to pursue a medical education on a budget! Enroll in the best medical schools overseas with the help of our professionals, who will not only give you all the information you need but will also make the admissions process easier.


Guaranteed Admission Program

Being in the business for nearly a decade, we at eocl India provide guidance to each and every student individually. as per his / her eligibility.

MBBS Overseas consultants

Factors to Consider While Choosing MBBS Overseas consultants in Delhi


Find an experienced Mbbs abroad consultancy firm that has a team of professionals with expertise in MBBS programs abroad.


Ensure the agency offers full support for students applying for courses, accommodation, visas, and other requirements.


Compare the services provided by different agencies and enquire about special packages.


Study the reviews and ratings of the agency to understand the quality of services they provide.

Top Countries Offering MBBS for Indian Students

  • China – The universities in China are globally recognized, and an MBBS degree from China is accepted in India. English is the primary medium of teaching in many Chinese medical universities offering MBBS programs. This makes it easy for international students who may not be proficient in Chinese. Also, Chinese medical universities provide huge clinical exposure to students. This includes practical hospital experience, allowing students to implement theoretical knowledge in real-life medical settings.
  • Russia – To study MBBS in Russia, there are basic requirements to be met. Candidates must have passed Class 12 with a minimum of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as major subjects to be eligible to study MBBS in Russia. Apart from this, students must have a valid NEET score to study medicine in Russia.
  • Philippines – The Philippines is now getting popular among students planning to study MBBS abroad. The MBBS in the Philippines is called BS-MD, which is divided into two parts – Bachelor of Surgery (BS) and Doctor of Medicine (MD).
  • Kyrgyzstan – Kyrgyzstan is popular for its MBBS degree programs. It is also known for being one of the safest countries regarding crime rates, making it an ideal location for students to pursue their medical education without worries. International medical organizations like WHO and UNESCO acknowledge the MBBS degree programs offered by Kyrgyzstan, further validating the quality of education provided by the country.

MBBS Abroad Consultants


Our collection of options for studying MBBS abroad includes many different medical schools around the world. You can check out various programs, see if they’re accredited, and find support services.

What Our Students Say!

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Tver State Medical University, Russia

EOCL India is the one of the mbbs consultants in Delhi, India. I am happy to have the chance to meet the EOCL Team. They have given me the complete information before the admission and made sure everything was done at the right time. The team will provide me lots of options am very happy with the quality of support given by the entire team. I highly suggest EOCL India education consultant to students, who are planning to study MBBS abroad"

MBBS Abroad

Bashkir State Medical University, Russia

Thank you, EOCL (Education Orbit Counseling & Link) India, for helping me achieve my dream goal, because Bashkir State Medical University is my dream university and I want to be a student there. I am always thankful for EOCL India.

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