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Immanuel Kant Baltic University – What It Offers

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University is a government recognized university located at Kaliningrad, Russia. As a result of World War II, Russia annexed the city of Konigsberg from Prussia and renamed it Kaliningrad, therefore the institute was named Kaliningrad State University. Then in the year 2005, the university was renamed Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in honour of Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher.

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University was established in the year 1544. It is located at Kaliningrad Oblast City. The distance from Moscow to Kaliningrad is 1,239 km.

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University Fees –

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University is one of the ten federal universities of the Russian Federation. The University offers the best courses for Russian students as well as foreign students. Their main focus is to provide quality education at affordable rates. The duration of the MBBS course is 6 years. It is divided into two parts – 5 years course + 1-year internship provided by the university’s hospital.

Tuition Fee Last Year: 283500 ₽

Hostel Fees: 12000 ₽

Total Fees – 295,500 ₽

Note: – 1$ = 83.51 INR
1 P = 0.91 INR
At the time of calculation, current rate will be applied Food and Living Cost is not included in Grand Total.

Immanuel Kant Baltic University – What It Offers

Faculties at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University –

  1. Faculty of General Medicine
  2. Faculty of Dental Medicine
  3. Faculty of Pediatrics
  4. Pharmaceutical Faculty
  5. Faculty of Advanced Nursing Education
  6. Faculty of Postgraduate Studies

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Degree at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University –

  1. Must have cleared higher secondary examination or ISCE equivalent to 10+2 Higher Secondary Exam.
  2. Minimum 50% score in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and 40% for reserved category.
  3. Minimum 17 years of age completed on or before 31st December of year of admission.

Admission Process for MBBS Degree at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University –

  1. Get your passport ready.
  2. Select the university which you prefer.
  3. Submit your 10th and 12th class mark sheets.
  4. Get your Admission Letter.
  5. Get your Invitation Letter.
  6. Submit your passport with Visa Support Letter and other required documents to respective Embassy.
  7. Get your Visa.

Documents Required for MBBS Degree at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University –

  1. 10th Mark sheet
  2. 12th Mark sheet
  3. NEET Score Card
  4. Passport
  5. Visa Photograph
  6. HIV Negative Report
  7. COVID Negative Report
  8. COVID Vaccination Certificate

Reasons to study MBBS at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University –

  1. Accessible fees for MBBS in Russia.
  2. Availability of hostels for International students.
  3. The medium of teaching is Russian as well as English.
  4. Well-organized and modern infrastructure.
  5. The medical degree is valid all over the world.
  6. Best training at reputed hospitals and clinics.

Student Life at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University –

  1. Hosts extra-curricular activities for students.
  2. Students celebrate various festivals and organizes excursions.
  3. Best sports facilities for mental and physical development of students.
  4. Amenities like swimming pool, stadium with running tracks, artificial football pitch, and gyms are built for students.
  5. University has opened an Art Centre to provide opportunity for recreation to all students.
  6. Wi-Fi connectivity.

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University World Ranking –

The University’s ranking is #601-650 in QS World University Rankings 2023.

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University Hostel and Accommodation –

  1. The University offers pleasant and efficient rooms for students.
  2. 2 to 3 students can share rooms.
  3. Boys and girls have separate hostels at the campus.
  4. Hostel provides healthy and hygienic cuisine.
  5. Students have a common kitchen facility to prepare their food on their own.
  6. The hostels have Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  7. Air-conditioned hostel rooms.
  8. Hostels are equipped with CCTV cameras for students’ safety.
  9. Laundry facility is available.

Reasons to choose Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University –

  1. More than 300 educational courses are offered to students at the university.
  2. The teaching staff consists more than 900 members.
  3. Number of medical students are 14,000.
  4. Their MBBS program is less expensive and at affordable rates.
  5. The medium of teaching is English and Russian.
  6. Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University has efficient campus infrastructure.
  7. Safe environment for female students.
  8. Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University has a globally-recognized medical degree.

Benefits of Studying MBBS at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University –

  1. MBBS Degree from this University is valid in India.
  2. Internships are provided to MBBS students at this University.
  3. The University has collaboration with reputed hospitals and medical institutes.
  4. Russia has a pleasant climate compared to India.
  5. There is huge availability of flights from Russia to India. Other modes of transportation like buses, boats, taxis, metro, and express trains are also available at affordable prices.

History of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University –

The University was earlier known as the University of Konigsberg (1544-1946). After Second World War, Russia captured the city of Konigsberg from Prussia and renamed Kaliningrad. That is why, the institute was renamed Kaliningrad State University (1946-2005). From the year 2005 onwards, the University was renamed Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in remembrance of German philosopher Immanuel Kant.

Education and Training Provided at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University –

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University is an education-based, scientific-based and research-based institute situated at the westernmost region of Russia. The University offers more than 300 educational programmes in the field of higher education. The teaching staff includes 900+ members.

Scholarships for Indian students –

The list of Russian education scholarships for Indian students are as follows –

  1. Scholarship from the Government of the Russian Federation – It is a state-level scholarship that is provided to students who want to pursue their career in medicine. The scholarship comprises their tuition fees, hostel fees, and a maintenance fees ranging from 1300-1500 Roubles.
  2. Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship – International students who have an inclination in studying medicine from this University can apply for this scholarship.
  3. Medical Education Grant – Educational grants are offered to overseas students with good educational qualifications.

Medium of Instruction at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University –

The country’s official language is Russian. This University provides courses in Russian as well as in English language. The medium of teaching is English for Indian students. University offers Russian speaking classes for International students for 1 year, so that they do not have to face any difficulty while communicating to Russian people.

Understanding Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University MBBS Fees –

Tuition Fees – 2 lacs 70 thousand Roubles

Hostel Fees – 12 thousand to 30 thousand Roubles

Total Fees – 2 lacs 75 thousand Rupees for 6-year MBBS Course

Living Expenses for Indian Students at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University –

It is mandatory for Indian students to pay their course fees on a semester basis. Approximately 8 thousand to 10 thousand Rupees per month are required for a sustainable lifestyle in Russia for Indian students.

About Russia –

Russia is a secular country. Majority of Russians follow Orthodox Christianity. The second most-followed religion is Islam. Buddhism is also followed in some parts of Russia. Its capital is Moscow City. Since 1904, Nobel Prize were facilitated to 26 Soviets and Russians in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Economy, Literature and Peace. The adult literacy rate of Russia is 100%. The Russian government promises free healthcare facilities for all Russian citizens. This policy opens huge medical career opportunities for International students, especially Indian students. Recent trends show that Indian medical students have a major attraction for Russian Universities.

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University provides best education facility for MBBS students. The classes and research activities provide practical knowledge to students. Sports and extra-curricular activities are conducted for students to ensure mental and physical growth of students. These activities helps students to concentrate on their studies with a clear mind. A science park was built at the university in 2008 to make students focused in research work. The University comprises of 53 buildings. There is a Clinical Diagnostic Centre situated at the University.

India – Russia Relations –

In the year 1971, India and the Soviet Union signed the Indo-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation. Since ages, India and Russia have good relations with each other. The partnership between India and Russia have become fruitful in various sectors like health, education, economy, technology, etc.

On April 12, 2019, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi was facilitated with the highest state honour of Russia ‘Order of St. Andrew the Apostle’ by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

Transportation of Russia –

Russia has 1,216 airports in total. The country has a well-developed transportation system comprising of buses, boats, taxis, metro, and suburban and express trains. In any Russian city, there is huge availability of a bus or taxi after every 15 minutes and a train after every 30 minutes. The transportation in Russia is less expensive, so students can travel at cheaper prices.

Russian Currency –

Rouble is the currency of Russia. Rouble currency code is “RUB”. It is better to get some cash in Russian currency before any student is boarding a flight to Russia. Exchange rates are very high at International airports, therefore, it is necessary to exchange our Indian currency at a nearby bank or currency exchange office.

About EOCL India –

Education Orbit Counselling and Link is an education consultancy firm that collaborates with the best Universities around the world. Our firm consists of 100+ dedicated staff which are available for student support. The Education Orbit Counselling and Link was established in the year 2013 and since then, our MBBS abroad consultancy promises to support Indian students to make a successful career in medicine. Currently, there are more than 2000 Indian students in various universities in the world.

Our Student Support Services –

To ensure MBBS students in India get selected to top government medical institutes in Russia as well as other countries like Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Romania, we provide a range of student support services.

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  4. Financial Assistance – EOCL India supports students regarding currency exchange as well. We have a strong relationship with different International banks. We provide our services for 6 years, and that’s our motto.    

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